Empowering and Transforming underserved communities through Innovation.


The Housing and Hope Foundation is focused on Housing, Economic and Community Development and Innovation



Housing and Housing relationships are crucial to success of our participants. Often times past decisions create a barrier to housing. Housing and Hope bridges these gaps and advocates and manages housing relationships making it easier for   property owners to lease to our residents.

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Entrepreneurship empowers formerly disenfranchised people to create income generating jobs putting them in control of their future success.

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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises allow residents to learn job skills while working towards entrepreneurship. Our social enterprises start in Housing and Hope and then as they become profitable business models they can be transitioned into social impact business under Compassion Enterprises, LLC.

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Mentoring and Evidence Based Programming around Health, Finances, Family, Faith and more is so important to provide necessary skills that may have been missed earlier in life due to trauma or environments where these skills were missed.

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Transforming Communities


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

Housing and Hope is dedicated to changing the landscape of social issues in local communities. Housing, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship are foundational to interdependent issues being solved by interdependent systems. 

                 "Angel" passed away on the streets of Sacramento. This needs to change!

                "Angel" passed away on the streets of Sacramento. This needs to change!